What’s new in dementia this week





Ireland: Dementia in the media this week


1. ‘Majority of people with dementia struggle to eat properly – study




‘The research has been used to formulate a new booklet for families and carers called Eating Well with Dementia. The booklet is now available from http://www.alzheimer.ie/Alzheimer/media/SiteMedia/Helpline%20and%20Information%20Resources/ASI-Eating-well-with-Dementia_-website_2017.pdf?ext=.pdf

or you can order your copy on 1800 341 341.


2. ‘Focus on Dementia – Reducing your Risk




3. World Alzheimer Month Newstalk interview


Ronan Smith and Prof. Brian Lawlor were on Newstalk’s ‘High Noon’ with George Hook to speak about dementia as part of World Alzheimer Month. Listen back here http://www.newstalk.com/listen_back/9/38791/06th_September_2017_-_High_Noon_Part_1/ (about half way through Part 1 after an advertisement break).


4. ‘'I'll be walking around town and suddenly I don't know where I am' Ronan Smith ‘on the reality of early onset dementia’




5. ‘Bus Éireann driver praised for helping man with dementia’






6. ‘Finding the fun in the fog of Alzheimer’s’





Ireland: Upcoming Events  


1. ‘Take Off Your Cornflakes’  


Experiences with her father inspired actor Rose Henderson to write a play about Alzheimer’s disease. Her former Fair City colleague, Pat Nolan, is a co-writer and also stars in ‘Take off your Cornflakes’.


It runs at Bewley’s Café Theatre at Powerscourt from September 12th- 22nd. See www.fringefest.com for further details.


2. ‘Secrets of Successful Ageing’


As part of Positive Ageing Week, Professor Rose Ann Kenny will give a public lecture on successful ageing based on 10 years of TILDA research on Wednesday September 27th at 18.30 in the JM Synge Theatre in TCD.


Places are limited, to register please see https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/secrets-of-successful-ageingtilda-tickets-37239054013



UK: Dementia in the media this week


1. Why People With Dementia Deserve More From Science




2. ‘Dementia files help find missing patients




3. ‘5 Things People With Alzheimer’s Disease Want You To Know, According To Dementia Expert






4. ‘The book helping children understand dementia - and the wonderful woman who inspired it




5. ‘Make a playlist for someone with dementia: the results will astonish you





Worldwide: General news


1.  World Alzheimer Month



September 2017 will mark the 6th Global World Alzheimer's Month. The theme this year is 'Remember me' which will be used to highlight the importance of early detection and diagnosis of dementia.


To request further information please email info@alz.co.uk


To download Alzheimer Month materials please see https://www.worldalzmonth.org/


2. ‘Children could hold the key to beating the stigma of dementia’